Majestic View

a Christian camp in Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does your camp cost?
A: The cost varies depending on what is needed. The basic cost for a retreat or family reunion is $50 (2 meals and an overnight) or $55 (3 meals and an overnight) per person. Children 5 and under are free.
Family and Church work camps have a different price.

Q: Can we do our own cooking?
A: We have a policy that we do the cooking. If there are special family recipes, dietary needs, or food allergies, we will make every effort to accommodate these needs. We do not usually cater to simple dislikes of foods or weight loss diets.

Q: How many people can you accommodate?
A: That depends on your group. There are beds for 67 people, some of them being top bunks, or in the loft. We also have a couple camper spots with full hook ups.

Q: How many cabins do you have?
A: There are 8 Cabins – each with its own bathroom.
Hayden – double bed and 2 bunk beds (6 people)
Midwest – double bed, one bunk bed, and loft (7 people)
Merchants, Paradise, Lynden, New Life Cabins – each has 4 bunks and a loft (11 people)
Plate – 3 bunks and a loft (8 people)
Rivard/Wallace Cabin – double bed (2 people)

Q: What activities are there?
A: At the camp there is a volleyball court, softball field, and carpet pool. We also have water rafting (fairly easy float) on the Kootenai River, swimming at the lake, pontoon boat on the lake, hikes, and various other activities. The Kootenai Falls and Ross Creek Cedars are nearby tourist spots.

Q: May we bring our animals?
A: We do not allow any animals in the cabins or around camp.

Q: Do you allow smoking or alcohol?
A: We do not allow alcohol and we ask that smokers go off the main camp property to smoke.

Q: How many meeting rooms do you have?
A: In the summer we eat our meals in the outdoor picnic pavilion, which could be used as a meeting area during nice weather. There are also two other meeting rooms – Trail Creek and Hudlet Hall (The Retreat Center). Hudlet Hall is an “eating and meeting” room in cooler weather and has restrooms. Trail Creek does not have restrooms.

Q: Is there a washer and dryer at the camp?
A: There is a building for it, but it has not been hooked up yet. It is in the plans.

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